Issue #149: Do A Grab FirstPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

This week we go international.

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One Shot: Ross CampbellPosted by: Kyle Overkill

This week the guys are joined by the beyond talented Ross Campbell writer/artist of Shadoweyes, Wet Moon and artist on Glory and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The guys and Ross talk about Wegmans, being hunted by mice, Glory, Ninja Turtles, and attempt to decipher a twitter question to no one's avail. Thanks so much to Ross for joining The Death of Comics cast to talk and make sure to grab all his work(and I mean all of it!). Glory will be released in an ultimate collection in May and in the mean time you can catch up on Wet Moon and Shadoweyes. Thanks again and enjoy!

For more from Ross check out these links!

Ross on Twitter
Ross on deviantArt

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This Maybe Overkill: Dave Dorman’s Wasted Lands Omnibus AnnouncementPosted by: Kyle Overkill


One of my favorite things as a comic book lover is getting my hands on ultimate or complete collections of works I might have missed, have been out of print or just was not aware of. Often times its a hassel to track down full runs in singles especially for older or foreign books. It is also nice to be able to sit and read a story to its completion. They also always look good on the bookshelf to show off to my wife who does not care. It is because of that that announces like Magnetic Press' that they are going to be publishing and releasing Dave Dorman's Wasted Lands Omnibus in late July.

The collection is written and illustrated by the Esiner award winning Dave Dorman. The story has a mix of a western, pulp adventure, post apocalyptic, sci-fi/fantasy elements. If you are familiar with Dave's other work on Star Wars, GI Joe, Indian Jones, and Aliens: Tribes this seems like a can't miss story. Dave's art is absolutely amazing which is no real surprise. The book will be collected in a 152 page hardcover. Magnetic Press has seem to make an effort to take great care in the actually books they produce both with the quality of the hardcore and stories they are releasing. I have attached the press release as well as other information below in case you need any other nudging but fuck this book looks really good. 


This May Be Overkill: The World of CassynoPosted by: Kyle Overkill


In a recent search to discover when I could get my hands on a comic by Austin Wilson and Logan FaerberRe.Pro.Duct, I discovered the publishing company Magnetic Press. I made this discovery not by my brilliance but Austin telling me they were going to publish his comic. I of course was pumped and decided to check out Magnetic Press to see what else they were going to put out. It was then I discovered someone was hiding some really amazing shit from me for a while. Every book the company has scheduled for preorder looks amazing and they have a lot more unannounced to be excited about. One of those books due for release soon is Naja . This has been translated and is being put out by Magnetic Press. It is drawn by french artist Bengal. Who if you are not familiar with I suggest you make yourself very familiar with. I mention all this because a Kickstarter is now live called The World of Cassyno which features art, characters and world created by Bengal.


Issue #148: Pink CakePosted by: Ryan Till Dead

This week Brent cuts into a cake and finds out its soft, sweet and pink inside... much like his life has become.

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One Shot Interview: Claudio Sanchez And Chondra Echert (Translucid)Posted by: Ryan Till Dead

In this one shot interview Kyle and Brent talk to the writing team of Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert ( Amory Wars, Key of Z, Kill Audio) about their new comic Translucid. They talks comics, writing, is marriage like a hero/villain relationship and babies. Thanks so much to Claudio and Chondra for taking time to talk to the guys and make sure to pick up Translucid from Evil Ink/Boom! Studios on Wednesday (4/16/2014) or in a full subscription from Boom! here. Rarely are books reread by cast members because we have to read lots of books each week and well we are lazy, Translucid is one book that got rereads from the crew, its an amazing first issue.

For More on Claudio, Chondra and Translucid check out these link!

Chondra on Twitter
Claudio on Twitter
Evil Ink Studios

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One Shot Interview: Austin WilsonPosted by: Kyle Overkill

This week the guys talk to Austin Wilson who recently announced that his series Re.Pro.Duct was going to be published by Magnetic Press.  The guys and Austin talk about Re.Pro.Duct, his other works, reviewing books, and his unnamed podcast. Thanks so much to Austin for talking to The Death of Comics and be sure to follow Austin as his book is given a release date and check out his other work available online (I will even link the stuff below for you lazy people). Don't listen to his podcast (but its pretty good)! Make sure to also check out Magnetic Press, all the books dropping from them look amazing!

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Issue #147: Bolted OnPosted by: Ryan Till Dead

This week week we bolt it on.

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One Shot: Kyle Starks (Sex Castle)Posted by: Ryan Till Dead


In this one shot interview Kyle talks to another Kyle, Kyle Starks about his current Kickstarter project " Sex Castle " as well as his previous The Legend of Ricky Thunder. They talk road house, wrestling, comics, fighting polar bears, everything you want in an interview. Big thanks to Kyle for talking to us and make sure to go back Sex Castle. I have read it and reviewed it (here) and if you are a fan of the cast you wont be disappointed with this book.

Sex Castle Kick Starter

For more from Kyle check out these links!

Kyle's Website
Kyle on Twitter

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One Shot Interview: Chris RobersonPosted by: Kyle Overkill

We recently talked to Paul Maybury about his work on the new Image book Sovereign. When the book was released we raved about the first issue on the cast. So it is only natural they we (Kyle) reached out to the writer of the book itself Chris Roberson. Most should be familiar with the enormous catalog of great works by Chris (Mysterious Strangers, izombie, Edison Rex, and the list goes on) and the guy also co founded Monkey Brain Comics which puts out the industries best digital titles. It was an amazing honor to talk to Chris who not only was a great guy but also has a great knowledge and history of comic books. We said it before and will say it again, it is a mistake to not pick up Sovereign. I would also like to point out Mysterious Strangers is a sensational comic and feels like taking in a breath of awesomeness of comic book nostalgia. Of course check out whatever Monkey Brain puts out and thank you as always for listening and takes so much to Chris for talking to us!

For more from Chris check out these links!

Chris's Website
Chris on Twitter
Monkey Brain Comics

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