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Issue 188: Pegging And Bleeding

This week Jeff wears a fishnet body suit.

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Issue 187: Ghosts And Emotions

This week we get emotional and noises are made in response.

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Issue 186: Body Pillows And Beta Boys

This week we get kawaii.

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Issue 185: Wolves And Sheep

This week we talk about the hunt... and the lack thereof. Featuring Nkem!

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Issue #184: Googlers And Hollow Earth

This week we create a company and solve all the conspiracy theories.

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Issue #183: Hot Dogs And Crabs

This week we swap genders and investigate a murder.

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Issue #182: Collared And Panting

This week we spread rumors, get sodas from the fridge, and obey.

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Flashback: Love And Blankets

We are taking this week off for the holidays but I didn't want to leave you guys without any TDOC for the week so here is a throwback episode. Issue #41: Love And Blankets.

Original Air Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012

Original description is below, enjoy guys! (more after the jump)

This week we sink to what must be the bottom of Trent's seemingly infinitely-deep cavern of self-loathing and despair, we play the toughest round of would you rather yet, and also split skulls and weekly pulls. Thanks for listening!

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Issue #181: Cinched And Plugged

This week we cinch it up. Featuring Jeff from IC3.

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Issue #180: Hog Rentals

This week we loan them out and worry about the return on investment.

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