Issue #162: Sedimentary Log

This week we go on a journey with Dale Remington.

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Pages and Panels #5: Ryan Burton/John Bivens and Dark Engine


On this episode of Pages and Panels I am joined by our first writer and artist duo with Ryan Burton and John Bivens. Ryan and John are the creative juggernauts behind the Image comic Dark Engine which hit stores July 16th. Ryan's cryptic yet ominous writing mixed with Johns kinetic and brutal art gave readers an amazing first issue in what seems like it's going to be a great dark fantasy adventure. Ryan and John provide ample vision into their debut issue of Dark Engine. Ryan and John talk about weighting exposition, how best to murder dinosaurs, buttered coffee, and the Ghostbusters debate rages on. Thanks so much to Ryan and John for coming on and breaking down an amazing issue of Dark Engine. Please go pick up the first issue at your local shop or on comixology here and make sure to ask your shop to order issue 2 out August 20th while you are there. If you are going to be at SDCC check out Ryan signing FRIDAY, 7/25: 10 - 10:45 a.m. Ryan Burton and on the panel “IMAGE COMICS: I is for...INFINITY", Thursday, July 24 from 2 - 3 p.m. in room 23ABC.

For more from Ryan and John check out these links!

Ryan's Twitter
John's Twitter
John's Blog

Cover and Preview Pages


Pages and Panels #4: Kyle Strahm and Spread #1


This episode is all the Kyle you can handle. Pages and Panels is joined by the supremely talented Kyle Strahm breaking down his art on the very first issue of Spread. Spread #1 was an amazing first issue mixing a post apocalyptic landscape with the horror of the spread and a man, No, who has to protect a baby he happens upon named Hope from all that shit. Kyle talks about drawing the spread, babies, and horses. Kyle provides really great insight into the creation process and Spread. He also has a hot but wrong take on the Ghostbusters 1 vs 2 debate. Thanks so much to Kyle for coming on and make sure to grab Spread as well as ask for it at your LCS. Spread is also available on Comixology here.  Issue #2 drops August 6th and its fucking amazing so be sure to ask for it! Thanks as always for listening and reading a long.


Issue #161: The Dolphin Or The Long Haired Horse

This week we ask the age old question, the dolphin or the beautiful long silky flowing haired horse.

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Issue #160: Premature Pregnantation

This week the big boys are back in town.

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Pages and Panels #3: Elliot Blake and The Package

Package_coverElliot Blake

On this episode of Pages and Panels, I am joined by the writer Elliot Blake to break down his original graphic novel The Package. The Package debuted on Comixology May 21st this year and was successfully backed as a Kickstarter in 2011. The Package was written by Elliot and illustrated by Alexis Ziritt. Elliot talks about how the story transformed from his original idea, bringing the characters to life, and making sure his dad was not killed in a comic book. Thanks so much to Elliot for coming on and providing amazing insight into both The Package and writing. Check out the links below to get your hands on The Package and read along with us!

The Package on Comixology
The Package (physical copy)
Mekano Turbo (by Elliot and Alexis)

Issue #159: The Dark Arts Of Sexual Magic

This week we explore the true will, not ours, but that of a Wizard of Sexual Magics.

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Pages and Panels #2: Steve Orlando and Undertow #1


This episode of Pages and Panels we are joined by Steve Orlando to break down the first issue of his creator owned Image series, Undertow. Steve discusses his research into the book, the lore, and even has time to talk about the Transformer movies. Thanks so much to Steve for coming on and breaking down the issue. If you are interested in checking out Undertow (Which you should be!) you can grab the issues here or leave your house and go to your LCS and ask for Undertow.



Music used: Alex Winston- Locomotive, Theophilus London- Love is Real



Issue #158: Sneaky Unicorn

This week we try not to get snuck up on.

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Issue #157: Long Distance Love Cast

This week we talk about love... and comics. But not loving comics.

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